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Why did I stop contributing to PMI – Part 2!

As a follow up to our previous post, some have asked me: since I have this view why do we teach PMP classes in my company? Why we should not be teaching PMP classes? Advertisements

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Why did I stop contributing to PMI?

PMI = Project Management Institute A bit of personal history Over the years (1998 to 2008) I have volunteered for PMI. My volunteer activities included At the local (Houston – Texas), from 1998 to 2000 At the regional level (Arabian … Continue reading

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How many PBA does it take to change a light bulb?

This blog post is not just to vent but to share an exchange that reflect a dangerous trend. The following quotations are from one of the PMI geniuses that actually have all of the #PMI certifications.   “The SP and … Continue reading

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Ethics in PMP training; does PMI cares?

I usually do not like to put anyone in the corner but today i will. It is often where we see posts on social media that violate copyrights and include false claims. Most often I choose to ignore them and … Continue reading

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PMI from not for profit to a money making machine

What is my agenda?

Explaining to the general community some of the issues so they can understand – why we will not renew our PMP, or Registered Education Provider status, or join the Consultant Registry … or … or

This topic is quite extensive so we might end up with a few articles on this subject. Today we will address an issue related to the REP (Registered Education Provider Program). Continue reading

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Project Management Certifications

Originally posted on Mosaicproject's Blog:
Picking the optimum project management certification to advance your career is difficult. Ed Naughton, Director General IPMI (Ireland) has published the following analysis in his “Project Management Trends” newsletter: This of course raises the…

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Censorship by a PMI Chapter

A professional organization, like PMI and a PMI Chapter, PRIMARY mission is to grow the “profession” so how can it allow individuals – with or without hidden agendas decides on who can speak or cannot speak? Continue reading

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