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هل حان الاوان لمؤتمر تاسيسي؟

#من_اجل_انسان_المجتمع #من_اجل_الجيل_الجديد منذ ايام كتبت (رغم لغتي العربية الضعيفة) مقل في السياسة والوطن. في تلك المقال اعطية رأي في الضرورة للتغيير مع بعض الافكار واتابع هنا. اولا: ضرورة اسقاط مجلس النواب والوزراء والاقطاع السياسي الذي يعيد تدوريهم ثانيا: اعلان مؤتمر … Continue reading

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لبنان بامس الحاجة الى حراك شعبي وطني

مقال في السياسة والوطن من اجل انسان المجتمع شخصيا اني لست بخبير في السياسة. ولكني مواطن لبناني من الذين عادو من غربة اكثر من ثلاثين عام متنقلا بين القارات والدول. عدنا الى لبنان لنعطي اولادنا فرصة التعلق في الوطن كي … Continue reading

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Who is Charlie?

What is ironic about this Charlie thing: Charlie was the name USA soldiers gave to Viet Cong who were defending their country and the USA killing them, burning their villages, destroying their crops … of course in the name of … Continue reading

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I am Lebanese and Proud – Campaign

In recent months, weeks, and days, we have seen many explosions, security incidents, and violent acts across our beloved Lebanon. Situations like this typically push people to run, go abroad, desert our home. Maybe it is time for a change. … Continue reading

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Lebanon: a BrainDead country

Lebanon: a BrainDead country.

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Tribute to my father – 2

The following is from the first draft of a book that I published in 2010; the published included a modified version of this chapter. In the story – Ahmad and George are Lebanese working in Saudi Arabia

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Marketing can include exaggerations but cannot be untruthful

The continuing education center of a respected university in Lebanon – the American University in Beirut (AUB) – has partnered with a project management training provider – CMCS to provide project management diploma as part of the CEC curriculum. Before … Continue reading

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