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Why did I stop contributing to PMI?

PMI = Project Management Institute A bit of personal history Over the years (1998 to 2008) I have volunteered for PMI. My volunteer activities included At the local (Houston – Texas), from 1998 to 2000 At the regional level (Arabian … Continue reading

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هل حان الاوان لمؤتمر تاسيسي؟

#من_اجل_انسان_المجتمع #من_اجل_الجيل_الجديد منذ ايام كتبت (رغم لغتي العربية الضعيفة) مقل في السياسة والوطن. في تلك المقال اعطية رأي في الضرورة للتغيير مع بعض الافكار واتابع هنا. اولا: ضرورة اسقاط مجلس النواب والوزراء والاقطاع السياسي الذي يعيد تدوريهم ثانيا: اعلان مؤتمر … Continue reading

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Chainsaw Mounir or has work ethics disappeared?

Funny story; painfully funny. Earlier this week, I was giving a new employee orientation in our Dubai office. On the first day, after a bit of discussions, this employee asked me for permission to go down to cafe below our … Continue reading

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Ethics in PMP training; does PMI cares?

I usually do not like to put anyone in the corner but today i will. It is often where we see posts on social media that violate copyrights and include false claims. Most often I choose to ignore them and … Continue reading

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Why PMI does not stop people like these?

Over the years we have requested, recommended, demanded that PMI (the Project Management Institute) to communicate pass/failure rates of the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification exam – yet they refuse to do so. Why the secrecy? No one knows and … Continue reading

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My story with my boss – the article before the movie!

This was posted initially on http://blog.sukad.com/ This is a short blog just for fun – of course this is a story and not an actual situation although the scenario is inspired from experience! Only, the names are changed to protect … Continue reading

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Talent Problems or No Work Ethics?

Updated on 14 January 2013 and 24 September 2013 About a year ago, I was attending a conference on entrepreneurship. During the conference there was a panel to discuss the availability (or lack-off) of talent in West Asia and North … Continue reading

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