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Can Ahmad and Georges co-exist as brothers?

I grew up reading Gibran Khalil Gibran and studying Antoun Saadeh – two extraordinary people who made me who I am and help form my character. Their greatness inspired me all my life although, with all modesty, I cannot be … Continue reading

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إحترام وتقدير لوالدي – 3

الفصل الرابع: أبو أحمد وأم أحمد    “أم أحمد، هل أنت بخير؟”. انحنى الأب إلى جانب زوجته التي وقعت على الأرض وقال لابنته شام: “اتصلي بالإسعاف، لقد غابت أمك عن الوعي ولا تبدو بحال جيدة”. كانت شام وأبوها خائفين وهما … Continue reading

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Tribute to my father – 2

The following is from the first draft of a book that I published in 2010; the published included a modified version of this chapter. In the story – Ahmad and George are Lebanese working in Saudi Arabia

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A tribute to my father – 1 (English and Arabic)

Dad Six years ago you left us. In your life, you have sacrificed so much for your family, your community, and your nation. You had delivered on the oath you took after the assassination of Antun Saadeh in 1949 and … Continue reading

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