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How to protect project management from incompetent and unethical experts?

What can we do to protect project management? Continue reading

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Why did I stop contributing to PMI – Part 2!

As a follow up to our previous post, some have asked me: since I have this view why do we teach PMP classes in my company? Why we should not be teaching PMP classes?

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Why did I stop contributing to PMI?

PMI = Project Management Institute A bit of personal history Over the years (1998 to 2008) I have volunteered for PMI. My volunteer activities included At the local (Houston – Texas), from 1998 to 2000 At the regional level (Arabian … Continue reading

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Ethics in PMP training; does PMI cares?

I usually do not like to put anyone in the corner but today i will. It is often where we see posts on social media that violate copyrights and include false claims. Most often I choose to ignore them and … Continue reading

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My story with my boss – the article before the movie!

This was posted initially on This is a short blog just for fun – of course this is a story and not an actual situation although the scenario is inspired from experience! Only, the names are changed to protect … Continue reading

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Marketing can include exaggerations but cannot be untruthful

The continuing education center of a respected university in Lebanon – the American University in Beirut (AUB) – has partnered with a project management training provider – CMCS to provide project management diploma as part of the CEC curriculum. Before … Continue reading

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