Why did I stop contributing to PMI – Part 2!

As a follow up to our previous post, some have asked me: since I have this view why do we teach PMP classes in my company?

Why we should not be teaching PMP classes?

Background and Refresher

Our article was mostly about PMI and PMI practices that led us to stop contributing knowledge to this organization, while we continue to share knowledge with the professional community around the world through various other means. We stopped volunteering to PMI but we still volunteer for the domain of project management and community development.

Our issues – the ones we addressed in the previous article, includes a focus on contributing intellectual property to PMI. As we said in the prior article, we stopped that back in 2006 or 2007. For example (explaining the why), if we had submitted our CAM2P model to PMI, PMI will first ask us to give them the copyright – meaning they will own it, which of course we cannot accept. If it is given to PMI for free, why should PMI sell it? On the other hand, since we have developed CAM2P we have published 7 e-books with close to half a million downloads – free. We could not have done this if we had assigned it to PMI.

Now in term of teaching PMP.

SUKAD Learning and Development has close to 60 topics in project management that we teach and we are adding more. PMP is one of those things our clients want. The approach we take is HONESTY and open communication. No two faces here.

We tell our clients that the PMP is not the best project management certificate and we also tell them there are better certificates and other courses that are not certification based. However, we also tell them that the PMP is the most visible and popular. In other words, we speak the truth.

  • Some clients insist on the PMP and we offer it to them.
  • Some decide to switch to a non-certification course and we provide what they accepted.
  • Some might want other certifications, which we did not offer in the past but we will soon.

As of today, we only offered PRINCE2 along with PMI certifications. However, we plan to offer other project management certifications in the near future.

Finally, the PMP as a certificate and the associated knowledge is very good; no one is saying it is not good. Our issue is with PMI practices on administering the PMP and not the PMP itself. I was a PMP for close to two decades.

The bottom line – think about it this way:

In the hotel business there are 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars hotels. You choose a hotel based on many factors; price, location, brand, etc. Some choose a 3 star hotel and some may want to go to Burj Al Arab. If a 2 or 3 star hotel is popular that does not mean it is the best.

In a future post, we will share some independent studies on project management certifications that shows the PMP and other PMI certifications, in relation to other project management certifications and professional engineering license.

We would love to hear from you – whether you agree or disagree!


About Mounir Ajam

Mounir Ajam is eager to awaken the giant of project management within individuals, organizations, and nations! He is an experienced executives with global experience working on projects from the United States to Japan and in between. He has been privileged to work on multiple small projects and mega projects. Mounir is an author, volunteer leader, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and entrepreneur who is open for further learning and sharing.
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2 Responses to Why did I stop contributing to PMI – Part 2!

  1. Doug says:

    Please could Mounir contact be regarding running a project management workshop for s large client of mine. Please call me on my mobile 050 644 7528. Regards. Doug

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