Lords of War: The Tale of The 5 Warchiefs of The Iron Horde

Another essay by my son Sumer Aboumrad Ajam

The Lords of War will be a story about the 5 Warchiefs of The Iron Horde which led to the demise of countless worlds. Each chapter will be a tale of one of the Warchiefs and their clans. These tales are heard by the Alliance via Vindicator Maraad to King Varian Wrynn – The king of Menethill and leader of the Alliance. Maraad is a highly respected Dreanei paladin of the Alliance. He is also one of the only survivors to witness the horrors of the Iron Horde.

Part 1: Kargath Bladefist of the Shattered Hand

Kargath was raised a raised a slave for the Ogres. Their cruelty and torture methods were intolerable, even to an Orc. So he sought a way out, to see the light of day without chains on his hands and legs. The Arena! The arena was a yearly event hosted by the Orgres; 100 of the best captive Orcs would fight to the death granting the last living orc freedom. 100 orc lives was the price for his freedom. He slayed them one after the other, Kargath was unstoppable.

Eventually, the day of his final fight had come, one last kill and the wrath was over. He was to defeat the greatest Orc gladiator ever to live. Lo’Grath. The Ogre king only gave him a broken dagger to fight his armored opponent. Lo’Grath charged with great speed; however, Kargath used the blade to reflect the sunlight into his opponent’s eyes blinding him. Kargath then used his blade jamming it into Lo’Grath’s wind pipe killing him. The Ogres cheered on for the new victor, shaking the arena.

The promise of freedom turned out to be nothing but a lie. But Kargath could be chained no longer, so he used sheer will to pick up the out-of-range rock and cut his hand off. It took many painful strikes to do so, screaming louder than ever. He looked at the other Orc prisoners and threw the rock towards them. As he did so he said, “Take your vengeance.” One by one all the Orcs in that prison took the rock and cut one hand off. They snuck into the armory and stole all the weapons they should find. They modified the weapons in the darkness of the night to attach to their modified hands, turning them into weapons.They went to the Ogre’s beds slaying them all. Their blood filled with their bloodlust, the Orc’s bloodlust. Bound by vengeance the clans name will be spoken in fear.

Part 2: Grommosh the Warlord with the Iron Will and first Warlord of the Iron Horde and Warchief of the Warsong Clan

Grommosh was the only Warchief to lead raids into Ogre lands. Going deeper and deeper, no one was able to stop him. He and his clan the Warsong were insatiable and relentless. It was only a matter of time till the ogres retaliated. The victim of the Warsong’s retribution was Grommash’s mate, Gulca. Falling into a trap after his wife’s death, Grommash got captured during a retreat. He was kept secured under 1,000 strands of rope attaching him to the stone hand of an unknown Old God which came from the ground. Grommash and the Old God’s hand where a few meters away to the Ogre King’s Throne. In the Ogre King’s free time, he tormented the fierce warrior with words. At the end of every session he would tell Grommash, “Just give the order and I will kill you.” The Ogre King admired the warrior’s spirit; however, he believed he will break it effortlessly. The other Orc prisoners were kept under cells. The Ogres would slay one every day chopping their head off and then attacking it next to Grommash. One day the Ogre King’s cocky attitude led him to his death. He was informing Grommash once more that he will kill him whenever he wants. Grommash managed to escape a weak and unrecognizable sound. So the Ogre King went closer to him and closer till he was right in front of him. Grommash then said, “This wolf can still bite.” Fear stuck into the Ogre King, paralyzing him. Grommash bites the Ogre’s head off then feasted on his body to regain his strength.

Part 3: Durutan the Warlord of the Frostwolf Clan

Unlike the other clans, Durutan’s clan pride itself on suppressing rage for they knew that succumbed to the beast within becomes their worst enemy. The clan was named for its kinship with the Snow White Frostwolves, together they hunted the mighty clefthoof. Every winter the clefthoof will migrate and the clan will follow, but one year when Durutan was very young. His mother Gaya had been bitten by a Drift Lurker – those who suffered their bite fall into a deep sleep and few have ever wakened up. After a long fight with his brother, Ga’nar, Durtan ended up staying behind to stay with his mother and Ga’nar moved onward with the clan.

Days passed, Durutan remembered the lessons his mother had taught him and with the aid of his old Frostwolf, Stormfang, they survived. But one night the howls of the Ga’rn was too clue, the Ga’rn was feared buy Orc and beast alike. They looked like wolves. However they were as black as night with a bloodlust that outmatched the one of the Orcs tales. Luck was with him for there was one Ga’rn, however; Durutan knew that they hunted in packs, so he knew more were to come. Durutan fought alongside his wolf and they battled the beasts, slaying it. Eventually the Ga’rn’s attacked and he fought against them with Stormfang; however, he forgot to fight against the rage within and eventually he gave in. Giving in to his rage led for the bloodlust to claim him, anything that moved he killed.

Then his mother woke up, calling for him. The rage within him went away and he looked down to see the dead body of his wolf. Overwhelmed with sorrow he wept and wept. Durutan wore Stormfang’s fur till the end of his days, a constant reminder of the old wolf’s courage but also a reminder that the noblest of Orcs fall prey to the savagery within.

Part 4: Kilrogg the Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow

The Bleeding Hollow finds truth in the surety in their deaths. Kilrogg’s clan ruled over the jungles until the Arakkoa came. The Arakkoa are an ancient race of bird-like humanoids native to Dreanor. They have blighting colored feathers, hooked beaks, clawed hands, taloned feet and an erectile crest of feathers on their heads. To survive the clan went into hiding, living each day consumed in fear. Their chieftain even forbade them to wander further than the borders of their forest refuge. For years, the disease had eaten away on the once mighty warriors flesh. Eventually, Kilrogg’s father convinced him that it was time to see his future, giving him a blade.

Those who were one day to become chieftain preformed the most sacred of rituals. They would sacrifice an eye to see a vision of their own death, sometimes the vision showed much more. Kilrogg saw his clan not as they were but as they could have been, crushing their enemies in a tide of bloodlust and Kilrogg was one of them. His determination was unwavering. Even when death came to him he did not fear what he saw, he welcomed it.

After seeing his vision, he went back to his father. Once he entered his father’s room, his father said,”What did you see in your vision?”

Kilrogg replied, “I saw a clan strong and proud, victorious against our enemies.”

“What a glorious vision of the future. Why then do you seem so troubled?”

“Because you were not a part of it” Stabbing his father in the gut, Kilrogg continued with, “You were right father every chieftain must deal with hard choices for the good of the clan.”

“At last, this is the death I saw,” his father said with his final breath, falling off his throne. Once Kilrogg took power, he led his clan into the forest, pushing the Arrakoa back.


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