Who is Charlie?

What is ironic about this Charlie thing:

  1. Charlie was the name USA soldiers gave to Viet Cong who were defending their country and the USA killing them, burning their villages, destroying their crops … of course in the name of freedom.
  2. The terrorists who committed the crime in France are supposedly on the USA terrorist list – but somehow they were free to move around in France and even travel out and back in. One of them is reportedly came to Yemen to get training. No conspiracy here?
  3. Those terrorists – one or two of them – were arrested once for sending other terrorists to Syria; served a few months in jail and released again to send more people to Syria
  4. Supposedly one of the accused or supporter to the attack in France ran away to Turkey – an Ally in the war against terrorism to USA and France …… or should we say partner in sending terrorists to Syria?
  5. There are supposedly two Moslems among the death in France, why we do not hear about them much?
  6. ow many journalists did the USA target and kill in Iraq and how many did Israel kill; 10, 20, 30 or even more?
  7. There is a blogger being punished in Saudi today for writing — where is the West from their ally in Crime Against Terrorism and Freedom of Expression?
  8. Yesterday in Jebel Mouhsin Tripoli – the same terrorists attacked killing at least 8 … I have been scanning social media this morning and I only saw one or two posts on Jebel Mouhsin … I guess these were people OK to kill but do not touch France?

My friends, we live in an hypocritical world – some of us are a slave to the “Blue Eyes Syndrome”, “White Men Syndrome”, or like a colleague used to say “Pale Face Syndrome”.

The black man blood is red; the white man blood is red; the Vietnamese blood is red, and of course Arab and Palestinian blood is RED!

Why are not we screaming for Rodney King or the black people who are killed by Police in USA?

So I wish we all stop this Je Suis Charlie non-sense and focus on how we can work together for the benefit of our communities. How to unit – Lebanese or Syrian, Iraqi or Palestinian, Moslem or Christian, Sunni or Shia, Orthodox or Maronite.

Enough – Please


About Mounir Ajam

Mounir Ajam is eager to awaken the giant of project management within individuals, organizations, and nations! He is an experienced executives with global experience working on projects from the United States to Japan and in between. He has been privileged to work on multiple small projects and mega projects. Mounir is an author, volunteer leader, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and entrepreneur who is open for further learning and sharing.
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