I am Lebanese and Proud – Campaign

In recent months, weeks, and days, we have seen many explosions, security incidents, and violent acts across our beloved Lebanon. Situations like this typically push people to run, go abroad, desert our home. Maybe it is time for a change.

I know that most people who are reading this post, my family, friends, and I – might feel hopeless at times. We think we cannot make a difference, become depressed and give up. I know that the situation is bigger than most of us. For sure, we, as individuals, cannot solve the problems. Even we, as a group, communities, might not be able to solve all of the problems but can we solve some?

I am not talking here about the political and security situation only but also about economical conditions, jobs, community development, environment … and so on. I know that each of us – individuals, small communities, larges communities CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE if we are willing!

At times we blame the politicians – forgetting that we vote for them.

At times we blame government as a whole – but we forget that we are the people who make government.

The key here – is we forget – that at the end – we the people have responsibilities and duties toward our home country! Yes we cannot change the world today – but we can change within our circle of influence.

In the following sections, I am proposing a plan at different levels. At the highest, something for the government to consider – if they are listening and reading!

Government Level

Stop corruption! I know this is too optimistic but I wanted to be a bit sarcastic. They will not stop unless we – the people – force it. So let us stay realistic and link this to PEOPLE.

I suggest – in my humble opinion – that the government implement immediately mandatory services for all those 18 to 25 years old. Those not going to college can join as soon as they are 18 years old or stop school. Others can join after the university.

  • The Mandatory Service shall be in two areas – military and civil service.
  • For males and females – no exceptions – even for one child families.
  • The military service will be for 1 year and civil service for 18 months.
  • People will be given a choice of which service to join.
  • Mix the people in the service unit (religion and geographic origin) so they can learn to live together.
  • The military service is clear
  • The civil service include getting people to work in the communities on communities projects … usually these would be professional and young graduates and this service will be valuable to add to their CV
  • The communities projects could include projects in all aspects of life

In addition to the above – government should seek the support of business and more senior professionals to donate some of their times and money to mentor, coach, train people and sponsor community project!

I will make the commitment here – I will be happy to donate 5 days per month to train people in management and leadership to work on community projects.

We are the people

As people – what really bug me is those of us who work for so many years abroad – toil and sweat in foreign countries and we come to Lebanon to build villas bigger than they need as individuals or families – and maybe not even live in them for more than a few weeks per year. The problem with this is when their kids grow up and want jobs there is none so their kids have to travel abroad to toil and sweat in foreign land … and the parent complain about government and politicians.

Why cannot we put some of that money into small business, agricultural, industrial, services, etc. Or support young professionals and entrepreneurs to launch their ventures and create jobs?

In addition to the above, we should donate our time and effort, and some of our money to community projects, possibly coops that create jobs — maybe crowd funding, or similar forms.

I can list many more ideas but let it leave here now and to hear your opinion!

In closing – I will only like to close with – let us be PROUD – proud of what we could achieve and work toward it. Think of our children future instead of complaining about our past or present! Let us pay it forward!




About Mounir Ajam

Mounir Ajam is eager to awaken the giant of project management within individuals, organizations, and nations! He is an experienced executives with global experience working on projects from the United States to Japan and in between. He has been privileged to work on multiple small projects and mega projects. Mounir is an author, volunteer leader, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and entrepreneur who is open for further learning and sharing.
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