Why PMI does not stop people like these?

Over the years we have requested, recommended, demanded that PMI (the Project Management Institute) to communicate pass/failure rates of the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification exam – yet they refuse to do so. Why the secrecy? No one knows and PMI never explain the reasons.

All what we are asking is that 50, 60, 70, 80 … or X % of examinees pass on the first time and Y % pass on the second time and Z % percent pass on the third time.

Why we ask for this information?

  1. Candidates like to know to give them a feeling on what to expect
  2. Project Management learning providers want to know so we can advise our clients …
  3. As providers we can approximate our performance
  4. … and … stop organizations like the example below from lying.

You see some (not all) organizations can claim 99% success rating since they do not have to prove it. Now why are we saying those (some) that are claiming 99% are lying? Because no one knows the global average of passing rate – remember PMI refuses to disclose. Now rumors has it that passing rate is close to 70%. PMI officially communicate that it is between 45 to 75%.

OK – so assuming it is 75%, then those communicating 99% must be outstanding providers and should be killing the market (take it over) or they are lying.

Now why PMI does not communicate? We do not know but we can be sinister and speculate. Because it is a business for them. The more people not knowing is better for business.

On another note? why PMI does not force these companies (claiming 99%) to prove their record, or PMI at least validate it, or not allowing them to use such claims? Business again. These people market the PMP … to be PMP there is close to $600 to PMI in every application. Now if someone tells me 99% success – great i will apply although the passing rate maybe only 50%. So the provider makes lots of money – PMI does as well.

Did you know that PMI has a code of ethics and conducts? I am not sure if they follow it themselves.

Below is the example received via email – unedited.

Notice the following:

  • At least they do not claim 99% – only 98.7%
  • 3-day class room but you earn 35 contact hours so the balance is online
  • “world renowned e-learning content”



Dear Mounir Ajam,

We hope you are doing well.

We are conducting 3 Days PMP® Certification Workshops based on the latest PMBOK 5th Edition in your city.

PMP Certification is currently the topmost sought after and required professional certification globally.
Are you PMP Certified? If NO, we can prepare you to pass the exam and get your certification.

ENROLL on or before 10th Oct 13 and get the EARLY BIRD Price of USD 699

PMP® Workshop Benefits:

  • 3 Days of Classroom training complemented by 3 months of access_to our world renowned e-Learning content with a growing Pass Rate of 98.7%
  • 35 Contact Hours Certificate – an eligibility criteria by PMI
  • 5 Full Length Simulation Tests with detailed analysis – 1000+ practice questions

Exclusive Group OR Corporate discounts are available

Looking forward to your registration with us.


About Mounir Ajam

Mounir Ajam is eager to awaken the giant of project management within individuals, organizations, and nations! He is an experienced executives with global experience working on projects from the United States to Japan and in between. He has been privileged to work on multiple small projects and mega projects. Mounir is an author, volunteer leader, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and entrepreneur who is open for further learning and sharing.
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