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PMI from not for profit to a money making machine

What is my agenda?

Explaining to the general community some of the issues so they can understand – why we will not renew our PMP, or Registered Education Provider status, or join the Consultant Registry … or … or

This topic is quite extensive so we might end up with a few articles on this subject. Today we will address an issue related to the REP (Registered Education Provider Program). Continue reading

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Project Management Certifications

Originally posted on Mosaicproject's Blog:
Picking the optimum project management certification to advance your career is difficult. Ed Naughton, Director General IPMI (Ireland) has published the following analysis in his “Project Management Trends” newsletter: This of course raises the…

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A visit from the methodology police – a PMO satire

Originally posted on Eight to Late:
They came for me at 11:00 am. I  was just settling down to finishing that damned business case when I heard the rat-a-tat-tat on my office door. “Come in,” I said, with a touch…

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إحترام وتقدير لوالدي – 3

الفصل الرابع: أبو أحمد وأم أحمد    “أم أحمد، هل أنت بخير؟”. انحنى الأب إلى جانب زوجته التي وقعت على الأرض وقال لابنته شام: “اتصلي بالإسعاف، لقد غابت أمك عن الوعي ولا تبدو بحال جيدة”. كانت شام وأبوها خائفين وهما … Continue reading

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