Are you looking for a job? Do not make these mistakes

As a manager I do receive about 6 to 10 CV a day. These are some of the things candidates do that lead me to sending their CV to the trash.

  1. Subject line: “looking for any position” …
  2. Subject line: empty
  3. The CV is part of a mass email and as a recipient I am in the blind copy (bcc)
  4. The CV is part of a mass email and all recipients in the “to” or “cc” list
  5. Copy paste email; today I received an email addressed to “Dear Babar” – last I looked, I am no Babar
  6. Standard emails sent from an agency but with a personal email address of the sender; copy paste again
  7. No cover letter
  8. A CV that come with an objective like: “I want to grow my career and looking for a company that help me learn new things”
  9. Format and font by a 10 years old
  10. Job seeking email that asked me to go look some one LinkedIn profile or something like that

Enough for today? I will update as more CV come:)


About Mounir Ajam

Mounir Ajam is eager to awaken the giant of project management within individuals, organizations, and nations! He is an experienced executives with global experience working on projects from the United States to Japan and in between. He has been privileged to work on multiple small projects and mega projects. Mounir is an author, volunteer leader, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and entrepreneur who is open for further learning and sharing.
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